Vision I Mission


Solving the growing problems of radio-based wireless technologies in our everyday lives.



Light is our passion. At Setzberg Licht & Design, we are a team of experienced practitioners, visionaries, inventors and scientists and are working passionately to make LiFi - as a groundbreaking fundamental technology - practical.


Li-Fi provides the solution to a variety of problems that arise from the explosive growth of wireless technologies in industry and households. That is why it seems strange that this functioning technology, which is superior in many areas, has not yet made it to the market. We believe that this is mainly because the leading players in the market do not approach the issue of LiFi in isolation from their product history and therefore ultimately do not pursue goal-oriented solutions.

As a team of creative and lateral minded thinker we work hard to find the right application oriented solutions, affordable and efficient and thus enable the breakthrough of Li-Fi technology.

To achieve this goal we created a team of leading experts in the basic areas of data communication via light and of application partners who are asked to define the specific requirements and constraints.