LiPath I LiFi Pathfinder

LiPath stands for LiFi Pathfinder, a state-of-the-art, modular, reliable and inexpensive Indoor Navigation/Positioning System using LiFi signal transmitters/receivers. Indoor navigation, comparable to GPS navigation, is currently not or only insufficiently possible.

LiPath is based on an Infrared Signal Transmitter (IR transmitter diode permanently sending an identification code). The IR signal emitted by the Signal Transmitter (location signal incl. identification code) is detected via the on-board (home) camera of a smart device (smartphone or tablet) and the resulting location is displayed in real time in a one- or multidimensional building plan (.. similar to car navigation) in a customized app. 

Alternatively, LiPath can also be used in a web-based environment (..low cost solution).

Of course, LiPath will also be able to send location based and targeted information like information about a particular exhibit in a museum, delayed arrivals in an airport or product information to the user. 

The project is still in the development phase, more information will follow in short.