LiLLi® I Li-Fi Light Link

LiLLi® stands for Li-Fi Light Link and is a research/development project of Setzberg Licht & Design for targeted, flexible data transmission using optical data signals. For the final realization of the project, the cooperation with one of the world's most renowned research institutes in the field of light is in preparation. The LiLLi® project aims to support the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 in the challenges of the wireless future.


In Short:

Each Li-Fi light source must be connected to an Ethernet cable. Because Li-Fi light sources are ideally installed on the ceiling (.. OLS or Overhead Light Source) in order to avoid transmission interruptions, this can mean a greater effort, standing in the way of flexible and cost-minimized use as well as successful market penetration of this outstanding technology.

So what could be more obvious than to use the advantages of data communication via light (LiFi) also for the hardware used and thus to replace Ethernet cables. This is precisely one of the central goals of the LiLLi ® project.



LiLLi® is a universal system for sending/receiving data, easy and inexpensive to install, Plug & Play. Brings the data streams via modular system components and light waves to the room ceiling and from there to the computers, mobile phones or industrial robots. LiLLi® can also use external system components, such as e.g. Powerline Adapters, in order to have cost-effective access to data streams and enable LiFi in any room in a building.