LiLLi®/LiPath I Superfast Datacommunication/Indoor-Navigation via Light (Li-Fi)

LiLLi® and LiPath are applied science projects of Setzberg Licht & Design with the aim of making the Li-Fi technology economically viable and suitable for everyday life, enabling the market introduction of this superfast optical technology for data transmission on a large scale (..see also Vision & Mission).

Why Li-Fi?

WiFi, or popular and common WLAN, together with Bluetooth and RF radio, is the most widely used method for wireless transmission of data signals and enjoys explosive growth worldwide. Experts see major problems in all areas of WLAN-based data communication in the near future and expect a Spectrum Crunch (crisis in the available radio spectrum or data jam) in the short/medium term with serious consequences for the applications/users. The limited-available and licensed  2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency channels feature home, business, government, and industry with their respective wireless applications. The frequency band available for this purpose is increasingly and predictably no longer able to cope with the sharp increase in applications.

Trouble-free transmission without e.g. jerking during image transmission, slow page loading times, without disruptions in internet telephony and cancellation of video conferencing, is increasingly hardly possible or difficult to guarantee. 

Consequently we have to look for a wireless technology that ideally complements WiFi technology and iron out their weaknesses.